We go beyond.




We Gather to Learn and Build Meaning.

Beyond.us is gathering a community of brilliant and sincere individuals around specific interest areas related to science, technology, and the human condition. We start with a room full of good people with good intent, mix in a few scientific topics and inspiring live performances, and subtract the usual posturing in favor of genuine connection.


The Result is Magic.

Our members are seeking truth, beauty, and deeper meaning. Our gatherings are private and highly curated, designed to ignite a sense of excitement. We ask for full intellectual engagement, trust, and candor among event participants.


The Entrepreneurial community has focused its creative muster to develop powerful technologies and social network ecosystems – these link us to ever more people and online friends. But these technologies don’t focus as much energy to create real world venues and events that foster meaningful connections.

Neuroscience research demonstrates that, as a wider society, we don’t yet focus on what is more likely to promote more permanent happiness and connection. We have been conditioned to pursue pleasure via consumption, rather than meaning via connection. Meanwhile, our brains literally light up on fMRI, and in more permanent ways, with genuine human interaction -- even during something as simple as great meal with authentic conversation.

In the spirit of entrepreneurial experimentation, Beyond.us is hosted exciting, authentic, even vulnerable group conversations in special private settings on topics such as the neuroscience of human connection, flow states and peak performance, and behavioral psychology.


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This is a private community - please let us know if you are interested in learning more.